Russia is famous for being cold. Very cold. It is true, in winter it can be as cold as -25 degrees in Vladivostok. And there’s lots of snow. But it doesn’t stop russian people from having fun!

Winter is the favourite time of year for many people. First of all, this is the time we celebrate New Year – the most important holiday in Russia. This is the time when the whole family  or friends get together, decorate the New Year tree, eat mandarins and watch Vladimir Putin give a speech on TV. Then comes the longest official  holiday of the year. It lasts up to 11 days and is the most cheerful time of winter.

How do we have fun in winter? Simple. We go sledding, play snowballs, go ice fishing, walk in the winter forest, which is very beautiful and calm.

Our winter tours in Vladivostok offer a great involvement in Russian culture, traditions and features. Wear your warmest clothes and prepare to walk on the frozen sea, explore the beauty of the snow-covered city and have a unique trip to the Winter Russia!