One sunset in Anisimovka

Isn’t it a fantastic feeling when you can go out your house and see a beautiful mountain range?

If you are staying in Primorye, this might be the case. A small village called Anisimovka in Shkotovo area offers access to mountains of southern Sikhote-Alin range. The village was established in 1901 as a chinese settlement named Kangauz (Warm valley).

Aside from trekking on the famous mountains Pidan and Falaza, you can spend an evening enjoying the sunset on a small hill of the Vorobey (Sparrow) range nearby the village, which is just 10 minutes away by car. The route is quite easy and doesn’t take much time.

After having crossed the railway and climbed up the hill you get a view of the whole valley. The smells and the sounds will soothe you away from your everyday problems. Wild peony and lily flowers, small rabbit holes and birds flying around create unique atmosphere of a wild meadow. Breathe it in and enjoy the evening with a good company of friends.