From the summer to the hills

Autumn begins much earlier in the Hills than in the city or on the islands. At the end of September it’s already chilly in the shade of the trees, and in the morning the tent is covered with frost. But the air is more transparent – you can see all the cities in the district […]

One sunset in Anisimovka

Isn’t it a fantastic feeling when you can go out your house and see a beautiful mountain range? If you are staying in Primorye, this might be the case. A small village called Anisimovka in Shkotovo area offers access to mountains of southern Sikhote-Alin range. The village was established in 1901 as a chinese settlement […]

Hiking evening at the Russian island

The bridge to the Russian island made it much easier to get there. Before the bridge, the only way to get to the island was to take a ferry or a small private boat. Now it’s only a 15-minute drive from the city centre and you’re on the island. Such getaway so close to Vladivostok […]