How to get here


Vladivostok international airport was recently renovated and opened a new modern terminal. It has

straight flights to Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo. Airport express offers trains to the city centre about 10 times

a day, making getting there very convenient. There are restaurants, seafood stores and souvenir shops

inside the new terminal.



Bus service between Harbin, China and Vladivostok is an affordable way to travel by land. The bus is very

comfortable and takes 10 hours including border crossing. It departs from the central bus station in

Harbin and costs 500 Chinese yuan. You can take the same route from Vladivostok, which will now cost

you 4500 Russian rubles. There are also buses going to many small Chinese borderline cities like

Hunchun, Suifenghe, Mudanjiang, etc. We can help you in planning your further trip to China and get

tickets. Although, Chinese visa cannot be obtained in Vladivostok by foreigners.



The DBS Cruise offers ferry service between Vladivostok, Donghae (Korea) and Sakaiminato (Japan). First

the boat arrives to Korea, stays there for a few hours and then goes to Japan. The whole trip takes 2

nights and 1 day. You can purchase tickets to Korea or to Japan. The company and the ship is Korean,

food service is Korean and costs 10 dollar for the buffet. There is a small store with beer, snacks and

some food. You can pay in USD, Korean won and Japanese Yen.



The trans-siberian railroad is a famous route connecting opposite sides of the country. The construction

of a railway with a length of 9,289 km (5,772 mi) was completed in 1916. The journey takes 6 days and is

definitely an unforgettable experience. You can see places like Baikal Lake, Siberian taiga and main

Russian rivers. If you divide your journey to several parts, you can see even more of the Russian natural


The terminal of the railway is located in Vladivostok.