Safari Park tour



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Join our Safari Park tour and see the nature of the region with the greatest diversity of species in Russia.

Safari Park was founded as an animal shelter for abandoned or injured animals and then opened for visitors. There are three areas: “Siberian tigers and hoofed animals”, “Birds and wild animals of Primorye” and “Amur leopard park”, where you’ll have a chance to see Amur, or Far-Eastern Leopard, which is a very endangered species with only 50 individuals left in the wild.

The park offers home and shelter to many animal and bird species of Far-Eastern Russian taiga. Some of them are tamed, but many are returned to the wild after rehabilitation. Living conditions of animals are very close to the wild ones.

You’ll be able to watch Siberian, or Amur tigers, wild boars, sika deers, roe deers and red deers, asian black bears and other beautiful and rare animals.

  • All year round
    Preferable season
  • 5-6 hours
  • 3 or 4 people
  • Indoor shower stall
    Bathroom facilities
  • Camping
  • Vladivostok
    City of start and finish of the tour.
The tour starts in the morning, since we have to get to the Safari Park early to get the best experience. The road takes about 1,5 hours, depending on traffic.

When we arrive, you’ll go to the tiger park first. There are 3 Amur tigers in three separate areas: a brother and sister and another male tiger. All of them are young (3-4 years old). In the morning the staff will release tigers from their dens, and the animals will stretch and go around their territory. You will be watching tigers from above – there’s a broad metal pathwalk above the tiger park, allowing tourists to watch and photograph these amazing and rare animals from a safe distance.

After the tiger park we move to the deer park, where you’ll be able to feed and even pet deers like sika deers and stags. The staff will feed the animals as we move along the trail, introduce every single one of them and explain the behavior and ecology of the species.

The third park lets you see birds and various animals of Primorye and Russian Far East. It’s an interesting and unique playground for different species of animals, which are unlikely to befriend each other in nature. Here racoon dogs, cubs of asian black bear and foxes run around absolutely free, a very friendly otter is fishing in a pool. The area is constantly being updated, and you have a chance to see something new every time.

And as the last part of the tour of the Safari Park we visit a big open aviary

with different species of birds of Primorye, like peregrine falcon, rough-legged buzzard, white-tailed eagle. These rare birds, which are very hard to see in the wild, can be seen up close in the Safari Park. You can feel yourself like in taiga while going through the aviary and seeing these birds of prey fly above you.
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