Russky island hiking tour



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An easy hiking tour to one of the most scenic places near Vladivostok. Accessible and beautiful, Tobizina peninsula is the best choice for someone who’s looking for a quick getaway from the busy city life.

Once a closed military territory, Russky Island was always a magnetic place for Vladivostok citizens. Before Russky bridge was built in 2012, the only way to get to the island was by ferry. But that didn’t stop citizens of Vladivostok to go hiking, camping and exploring the island. Being as big as the city itself, the area is rightfully considered as the lungs of Vladivostok. Its pristine forests and beaches offer a very close and now accessible getaway from the busy urban life.

During our hiking tour to Russky Island you’ll visit one of its most beautiful destinations, breathtaking both in summer and winter. Tobizina peninsula with its 40-meter cliffs is located in the southern area of the island. It’s views and trails speak for themselves. Aside from the views, during the hike you will see the remains of Tsarist military fortifications and will look through the eyes of the old land defenders. Join the tour and feel the breeze of the Sea of Japan, see birds and plants of the southern Primorye, and breathe the fresh air of Russky Island.

The tour is available all year round, but please note that you need to bring very warm clothes during winter time. The hike is of easy to medium difficulty, but not recommended to anyone with walking issues.

Transportation by car/ minibus. Snacks and tea included.
  • All year round
    Preferable season
  • 1 day
  • 3 or 4 people
  • Indoor shower stall
    Bathroom facilities
  • Camping
  • Vladivostok
    City of start and finish of the tour.
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