Russian Dacha experience



Everything you want to know

Dacha is a very important part of russian culture. Usually it is a summer house in the suburbs, where people go at the weekend to plant a vegetable garden, sunbathe, make barbeque and just take a break from the city noise.

This excursion lets you experience this important part of Russian culture. We’ll take you to a typical dacha in the suburbs of Vladivostok and introduce you to the way people spend time there. You’ll have a chance to meet real “dachniks” – typical dacha owners and share a meal prepared according to traditional russian recipes. If you want, you can also join a gardening activity to feel even more culturally involved.
  • All year round
    Preferable season
  • 1 day
  • 3 or 4 people
  • Indoor shower stall
    Bathroom facilities
  • Camping
  • Vladivostok
    City of start and finish of the tour.
In the first few decades of the USSR dacha was a privilege only given to society’s elite. After that, in the 1960s, the party changed its mind, and then every family could apply for a piece of land and get it for free. This is why most families have a dacha now. Some have transformed theirs into fancy villas, but the real dacha is still very simple.
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