Mount Falaza trekking tour



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This eco tour begins in the afternoon with a group gathering in Vladivostok. After that we are going to the first point – Safari Park. Travel time – two hours. There we will be able to watch and photograph birds and animals of Ussuri taiga, including tigers and bears, and even touch some of the tamed animals. Next, we move to our camping place – a village called Anisimovka. There will be lunch waiting for us, and a campground where we will spend the night. The campground will be located near a house in which it’s possible to cook, charge devices and take a shower.

In the evening, we will climb a small hill near the village to enjoy the sunset.

In the morning of the second day after a light breakfast we are climbing mount Falaza. This process is not very easy, but the group will not move too quickly so we have time to enjoy beautiful views and take pictures. We’ll have a picnic on the top of the mountain. On the way to the camp we can stop by a cool and refreshing river.

In the camp – leisure time, getting to know the life and characteristics of Russian villages. In the evening – dinner, sitting around the campfire.
  • All year round
    Preferable season
  • 1 day
  • 3 or 4 people
  • Indoor shower stall
    Bathroom facilities
  • Camping
  • Vladivostok
    City of start and finish of the tour.
Join our Mount falaza tour to become familiar with the biodiversity of Primorye through visiting a Safari park and a mountain in the southern Sikhote-Alin range.
Day 1
Day 1
Start from Vladivostok.
Safari Park
Arrival at the Anisimovka village, setting up a camp
Free time, looking around the village
Climbing up a hill to enjoy the sunset, taking pictures
Day 2
Day 2
Driving to the foot of the mountain (15 minutes)
Climbing Mount Falaza (approx. 2,5 hours)
Picnic on the top of the mountain
Climbing down
Way back
Stopping by a mountain river in the village
Dinner – Shashlyk (middle eastern barbeque)
Day 3
Day 3
Going back to Vladivostok
Safari Park was founded as an animal shelter for abandoned or injured animals and then opened for visitors. It has two separate areas: tiger & their prey park and bird & wild animals park. Living conditions of animals are very close to the wild. The area of the park is 40 square kilometers.

The park offers home and shelter to many animal and bird species of Ussuri taiga. Some of them are tamed, but many are returned in the wild after rehabilitation.

You can see amur tigers, wild boars, sika deers, roe deers and red deers, himalayan and brown bears and other endangered species.
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