Dog sledding competition

When you live in Russia, you have to think of many ways to enjoy cold weather. Just imagine: it’s cold outside for at least 6 months. One of the ways to get yourself and your dogs outdoors and have fun is participating in dog sledding competitions. Snow dog owners from all over the region organize […]

Epiphany bathing despite the wind and blizzard in Vladivostok

Epiphany is one of the main Christian holidays. The holiday begins in the night of January 18 when all Orthodox Christians celebrate the Epiphany Eve. In Russian orthodox christians the Epiphany Day is associated with sanctifying the water, including natural reservoirs. The sanctified water is believed to heal and wash away any sins, as well […]

Winter surfing in Vladivostok

Vladivostok is the city of people with strong spirit. We are used to weather challenges. We are not scared of hurricanes, snowfalls or storms – we just dress warmly, wrap ourselves in a raincoat and go out as if nothing’s happened. It’s hard to impress a local resident with a temperature of +5 degrees celsius […]

Russian tradition of cabbage pickling

Pickled cabbage is one of the fundamental russian dishes. The history of it traces back to the Old Russia. When winters are long, and there were no stores to offered vegetables, people had to prepare them for winter themselves. This tradition is still strong to this day. Many countries have sauerkraut in their traditional food […]

From the summer to the hills

Autumn begins much earlier in the Hills than in the city or on the islands. At the end of September it’s already chilly in the shade of the trees, and in the morning the tent is covered with frost. But the air is more transparent – you can see all the cities in the district […]

Dersu. Part 1

If you don’t have a car, getting to Dersu wouldn’t be very simple. There are no direct buses going there, and Dalnekutsky Airport has become a beautiful legend long time ago. But the more difficult to get to the destination, the more interesting it is. Our journey has been very extreme. At 20:30 we boarded […]

Flying over the sea on the Crabbe peninsula

September is the best time for hiking and travelling around Primorye. The weather is not so hot anymore, and the nights are still warm. A team of rope-jumpers from Vladivostok called “Droprope” went to Khasan area to climb on one of the capes of Krabbe peninsula. It’s a very popular place for summer vacations and […]

One sunset in Anisimovka

Isn’t it a fantastic feeling when you can go out your house and see a beautiful mountain range? If you are staying in Primorye, this might be the case. A small village called Anisimovka in Shkotovo area offers access to mountains of southern Sikhote-Alin range. The village was established in 1901 as a chinese settlement […]

Hiking evening at the Russian island

The bridge to the Russian island made it much easier to get there. Before the bridge, the only way to get to the island was to take a ferry or a small private boat. Now it’s only a 15-minute drive from the city centre and you’re on the island. Such getaway so close to Vladivostok […]

Winter trekking in Primorye

The nature of Primorsky region is beautiful and magnificent in every season. Winter is not the reason to stay at home all the time. One of the ways to spend your weekend or vacation is to go hiking or trekking in the Ussuri taiga or climb a mountain. There are numerous places worth travelling in Primorye […]